Fried XBOX

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post in which I briefly mentioned that I stayed home in order to wait for an electrician to show up after we suffered a power outage.

Naturally, when such things happen my first inclination it to see if it is localized or if the entire neighborhood went dark. After waking up 30 minutes after my normal time and calming Anthony down (as he was pretty upset about the house being half-dark), I went outside with 4D-cell MagLite in hand to see what was up.

Nothing was up. We were the only victims.

So I then went over to the electrical box and began to examine switches. The one marked “G.D.”, whatever that means, was thrown so I switched it back on. The box began to hum so I turned it off and on again.

When I did that, I saw a few sparks from underneath the panel. So by now I’m thinking, “Eff this. We need to get this fixed by someone who knows what they are doing.”

The electrician arrived at 4:00. Had I known that I would have went to work since I am off at 4:30. So after his examination of things, he determined that nothing was out of the ordinary but suggested that I keep some room around the power strips we have all over the house. It was his thought that something may have laid on one of the plugs and caused it to throw the breaker. I’m no electrician but whatever, I think blaming it on swamp gas is as likely a reason as any.

So what was the real reason behind out outage? Well, that’s where you come in, loyal readers! I’m leaving it up to you to decide by using my first PollDaddy poll here on the blog, a new feature offered by WordPress. Note that since I’m a cheap bastard the poll is limited to the first 100 replies. It costs money to get more results than that so if you want your vote to count, make it happen NOW!

Now you may be axing yourself, “Self, what does the title of this post have to do with anything?” It’s very simple. With all that switching of breakers, my XBOX 360 was somehow rendered useless. No, I don’t have the infamous RROD but instead, the light on the power supply remains orange and the unit will not turn on even after following instructions from the Microsoft Web site.

So now I have no XBOX and must (presumably) send it out for repairs, just when I was getting back into it. Meh, I was looking for a reason to play some PSone Gran Turismo anyhow.

Oh, and I am quickly approaching 500 posts. That number includes what I posted at my original Blogger blog which is still lingering but not by much. (Don’t worry–all of those posts were imported when I moved here.)

Stay tuned for more info!

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2 thoughts on “Fried XBOX

  1. Whenever there is a power failure, unplug everything. When the power comes back on, the instant demand for a lot of power can cause a power surge. I can’t explain why that is true, but it is. I’ve lost 2 VCRs and a DVD player from power surges after power failures.


  2. Sound advice. I will do that should it happen again. Screw the fridge and the food inside it; just make sure my game systems are alright!


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