Blogging 365: Can I Do It?

It's the second day of 2013 and so far I'm on a roll in blog posts: with this, my second post, I've been blogging the entire year! But you wanna hear something really nuts? How about I keep it up and post a minimum of 365 entries this year? That means at least one post … Continue reading Blogging 365: Can I Do It?


Another Flashback to 1986

While in the depths of yet another session of questioning my writing abilities, a friend of mine handed down simple advice: “Writers write,” and being a photographer he added “and photographers…photog. But you know what I mean.” I definitely did. Yesterday, I was scanning some of Anthony’s art that he did in art class when … Continue reading Another Flashback to 1986

The Payoff

As you all know, I've had way too much time on my hands since being unemployed. So much time, in fact, that I had to find something else to do in addition to my daily rituals of exercising, eating right, etc. Don't get me wrong--I love blogging and all of the creativity it affords me. … Continue reading The Payoff

Fun Friday Post

The inspiration for this post hit me yesterday while at work. I had to look up the spelling of a word in the trusty ol’ Merriam Webster dictionary sitting on my shelf. I opened it up to a page that I thought was close to the word I was looking for and when I saw … Continue reading Fun Friday Post

“You Write Like a Girl”

Now what the Hell is that supposed to mean? I'm not talking about my style of writing (or voice) here or otherwise, but rather the way in which I actually put pen to paper. I guess having legible penmanship was something that would only come natural to me. As a creative person, one that was … Continue reading “You Write Like a Girl”