Christmas in May

Real quickly, here’s where the family will be heading today. And if you’re in L.A. or visiting, you should check it out since it’s free!

Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour starts at Union Station and begins its trek across the U.S. on Tuesday. If you’ve got out-of-town visitors, get them on the MTA and take them down to see it. It’s probably not too often that they’ll get to see behind-the-scenes glimpses of a movie, so this could be interesting for them, maybe even you!

And when you’re done, hop across the way to Olvera Street for some of the best Mexican food you’ve ever had outside Mexico, and roam the marketplace for authentic Mexican goodies.

And did I mention this event is free? How can you beat that?

Have a safe and fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, all!

UPDATE: Okay, it was a long day. We got there at about 9 a.m. and waited about 90 minutes to get in which was close to the approximate wait time posted. The exhibit was indeed interesting despite the wait but by the time we left, the line wrapped around the train, down the walkway, and ran the length of the tunnel at Union Station. I heard the wait from there was 4 hours–no thanks! Anyway, here are the pictures.

On the way home we also decided to stop by Long Beach Airport to see if we could catch a glimpse of the zeppelin-not a blimp–stationed out here for a little while. But we got more than we bargained for when we saw to FA-18s taxiing down the tarmac preparing for takeoff! You can see those pictures here, including a few here the pilots waved to us.

Long day and me tired. I’m off to bed!


2 thoughts on “Christmas in May

  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! It’s so cool that the pilots waved back to you guys and you caught it on film. We had a nice weekend ourselves. We went to a festival at a neighboring town on Saturday and Monday we had a BBQ with Ribs and home-made Sangria!


    1. It was very cool despite the 1.5 hour wait. It’s a good thing we got there so early. Of course now we have to wait until November to see the movie! Seeing the jets take off was incredible, but having the pilots wave at us was even better. Shows the human side of these guys we take for granted.

      Sounds like you had one hell of a weekend too, with just a bit more debauchery than mine. Good for you!


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