Ten Years of Nonsense

Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been dumping my brain droppings onto the Interwebs with this here blog. And through it all, The Blog Formerly Known As SickSenseOfHumor.net has seen its share of cosmetic changes yet one thing remains the same, at least for the most part: the content. Yes, I started off rather brash … Continue reading Ten Years of Nonsense

Twenty Years Ago

Ah, 1993. Grunge was slowly taking over the airwaves, Prince made a huge marketing blunder my changing his name to a symbol and most importantly, I meet a then-teenager by the name of Ann. She sort of came out of nowhere when I think about it. While driving home from work, I happened to come … Continue reading Twenty Years Ago

Blogging 365, Day 47: After 20 Years…

Come June, Ann and I will have been joined in wedded bliss for 20 years. And up to now we’ve done just small things for our anniversary, like buying each other jewelry (for her) and watches (for me) since those are the things we enjoy the most*. But this year we decided to go a … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 47: After 20 Years…


A few posts ago I wrote about a creepy-cool shirt I bought at the Marukai store, and that I would send the image to my buddy in Japan for a explanation of what it all means. Never being the one to disappoint (for the most part), I thought I'd share what the shirt says with … Continue reading 5

It Started Today

July 16, 2004 was a day much like today, save for the fact that I was 35 and Anthony was still in diapers. Oh, and I was about 80 pounds heavier and had more hair. The summer sun shone brightly and the weather was just right. Well, it was right for those of us that … Continue reading It Started Today