Twinkie Cats

Making Changes

A fellow blogger brought this to light on her post today and although I’ve said it in another post I’ll go ahead and say it again. Me and Facebook need to be further apart. I am posting way too much over there and not enough here, something I’ve toiled over since 2004. Just look at … Continue reading Making Changes

Smilin’ Jack

If you grew up in the South Bay like I did (Wilmington in particular), your Halloween just wasn’t complete until you and your family paid a visit to Smilin’ Jack (see image). It’s a tradition that has taken place for the last 60 years and the local residents love it. So what exactly happens when … Continue reading Smilin’ Jack

Thanksgiving and Whatnot

The Thanksgiving Weekend is rapidly coming to a close for us here on the west coast, which means that everybody is dreading going back to work tomorrow. Unless, that is, you’re still unemployed like I am, in which case I laugh in your general direction. All kidding aside, last week was pretty busy for me. … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Whatnot

The Substitute

My post about the Big City Slider Station continues to get hits to this day; many readers leaving comments about how they experienced the same thing as we did when their burgers turned silver. Hopefully, they are as lucky I am and have their money returned once they contact the manufacturer. We were hoping that … Continue reading The Substitute