The Substitute

My post about the Big City Slider Station continues to get hits to this day; many readers leaving comments about how they experienced the same thing as we did when their burgers turned silver. Hopefully, they are as lucky I am and have their money returned once they contact the manufacturer.

We were hoping that the grill would be a reasonable substitute to our George Foreman Lean, Mean, Fat-Fighting Whatever Machine since we threw it out about a year ago, victim of constant use. That wasn’t the case.

But we did have one nifty machine left, one that has been sitting on top of the fridge for a long time and we just don’t use too often. And it’s name is the Sunbeam Rocket Grill.

2009-11-05 002

As you can tell, we have yet to remove the sticker on the front of the grill which touts the machine’s features. That’s just how often we use the thing. But after being in a position where we didn’t want to fire up the barbecue or use the stove, this little griller came in handy. Here’s what you do.

Unlike other grills, instead of just dropping the meat (in this case, hamburger) between the cooking surfaces, it must be placed in a parchment pouch:

2009-11-05 004

Once the meats are placed in the pouch, it must then be hanged from two hooks on the top of the grills:

2009-11-05 005

You then close the cover and the grilling surfaces will slowly squeeze together, cooking the meat to perfection and according to the recommended time you must enter by turning the dial on front.


You then remove the meat:

2009-11-05 006

As you can see, all of the grease and fat drips down to the bottom of the bag. Once removed, you get a good look at how well the Rocket Grill cooks:

2009-11-05 007

Now that’s a cooked hamburger! All that’s left to do is add the condiments of your choice and you’re good to go:

2009-11-05 008

Yes, there is ketchup, mustard and relish inside that hamburger; you just can’t see it all. And if you think this thing cooks ground beef good, it does chicken just as well.

If you ever come across a Rocket Grill, I highly recommend picking one up. I’m not sure if that’s entirely possible now since I think we bought this, along with a box of parchment pouches, on clearance at Target over a year ago. But I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll find one.

Oh, here’s a link to the item on HSN. I know it’s sold out but I’m posting it so you can laugh at the negative comments from idiots who couldn’t figure out how to use the damn thing, especially this one from user chihuahuamom82, who seems to be more concerned with being “bombered” with “lables” rather the grill’s performance:

The grill does a nice job. HOWEVER when it comes out of the box, you are BOMBERED with LABELS,LABLES,LABLES!!! Acrooss the top,and across the front,most annoying. They are very hard to get OFF, told by HSN customer service to “soak” with water, doesn’t work. Called manufacturer said LABLES should not se taken off. Told by manufacturer to try alcohol which worked, but left a DULL finish on the front of the machine. It is going back today. NO WARE DOES THE PACKAGING, LABEL ,OWNER’S MANUAL say DO NOT REMOVE LABLES, CUSTOMER SERVICE COULD NOT TELL ME WHAT TO USE TO REMOVE LABLES, WITHOUT DULLING THE FINISH,

Freaking idiot! It works! STFU and take an English and spelling class!

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