I Got a Wii!

Ann was kind of torn on if she really needed to go to Wal-Mart tonight to get some more yarn. I convinced her that yes, she should, even though I had nothing in particular to buy.

After she got her yarn, for some reason or another I made a turn into the Electronic Department. And it was there that I witnessed this lovely sight:


Yep, five Wii systems up for sale. I immediately went looking for an associate. I had to ask him if those were actually systems or if they were just displays.

Holding back a smile he told me they were displays. Then he broke the truth to me.

“No, those are the systems. We put out five this morning and five right now.”

We asked for one and bought it. Hey, my birthday is coming (Valentine’s Day) and I had been hinting that if she could find one, this is what Ann could get me.

So she did. I am now [edited from “not”–duh!] the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii, and I didn’t even have to fight off any smelly nerds or wait in line at the crack of dawn to get it.

But I am also $250 poorer 😉

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