Ignignokt and Err’s Day in the Sun

Behold! The “suspicious packages” found around Boston!

This is an unbearable strain...

Being a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I thought it was funny as hell when I found out what the “suspicious packages” really were. In fact, I almost shot soda through my nose when I saw the video clip on Fox News:

Now bow your heads and pretend to be serious

But I can’t help but imagine what the common clave might have thought when they saw these Lite Brite-insipred promotional items glowing in the dark of night. And, once they found out what this was all about, their reaction to the show should they decide to watch it. ATHF is definitely not for the garlic-eating American Idol crowd.

See close-ups of the lighted dealies here.

In the words of Ignignokt himself, “The innocents shall suffer—big time.”


(Special thanks to Farker toonz for use of the header graphic)

Uploaded Pics and More

Alright, all of our Disneyland pictures have been uploaded to my Yahoo! Album. So head on over there and take a look. 170+ pictures for your enjoyment!

And this may not seem like a huge deal, but when I got to work today I saw the toaster being replaced with a toaster oven.

What did I miss? And why a toaster oven? I was just getting in the habit of toasting up some Milton’s Multi-Grain bread for breakfast. (Milton’s Multi-Grain bread, by the way, is hands-down the best bread ever–no kidding.)

So now instead of going over and waiting a few minutes to toast my bread, I have to use this damned toaster oven and wait twice or even three times as long. I’d like to know who’s great idea it was to replace our conventional toaster with the toaster oven. It’s just stupid and I wish they would have taken a vote. They do with every thing else around there so this was a complete surprise. It’s a good thing Milton’s bread is great plain, toasted, with sandwich meats…it’s just good stuff–period.

Then there’s this. It was parked at the hotel behind work:

I see some interesting things every day it seems.


We went to Disneyland yesterday. We were pretty much there all day. And it’s a lot more tiring with a 2-year-old, but much more worth the effort.

Pictures coming later to my Yahoo! album. I decided that I don’t like Flickr for many reasons. So keep an eye out for those and an assessment of the day’s activities.

CSI: El Segundo

Note to self: Start carrying a regular digital camera when going to work.

Why is that, you ask?

Here’s why. As I was coming down the steps from the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station, I was greeted to a parked Miami-Dade police car and Hummer H2. There were cones around them.

This may not seem strange at first but when you consider that I live on the other side of the country, it is a bit odd.

It turns out that the producers of CSI: Miami are just one of the many that are in love with the city of El Segundo. Since I started working out here, there have been at least four filmings in the area, including scenes from an episode of Fox Network’s Stand-Off that was shot in front of my building.

UPDATED 10:50pm

Here are all of shots from this morning, courtesy of Flickr.

Summary: Some scenes were shot on the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station. I was really, really close to the action. Turns out if you act cool and pretend you’re not a gawker, chances are you’ll be fine because not one person questioned me. Well, except the security guard but his was more along the lines of, “Weren’t you here this morning?” Nice guy–he let me hang around as long as I could before I had to head back to work.

My apologies for the picture quality. All were taken with the trusy LG VX8100 phone-cam.

Where Are My Gloves?

Mariposa Avenue station It’s been cold around here lately. And by cold, I mean waking up to 30 and 40 degree temperatures. While this is a heatwave in someplace like Minnesota, it’s damn cold for us thin-blooded Southern Californians.

Since this cold snap began, I noticed my hands were getting dry and cracked. This condition was the result of constant exposure to the cool temperatures while waiting at the train station. In order to combat the problem I went on a quest to find a pair of gloves.

Not one freakin’ store had them. You see, out here they are more or less a seasonal item that only come around at Christmas. That’s about the only time it gets a little chilly. But the current temperature is definitely lower than December’s coldest day.

Anyhow, I came home and went digging in my golf bag and found my Mizuno batting gloves. Cool! Now I could keep my hands warm and protect them from the elements.

But when I got on the train today, a strange thing happened. I felt as if people were staring at me. Seriously, I did. Maybe it was the combination of black gloves, my oversized jacket, blue-lens sunglasses and an expressionless face that did it.

In my haste I double-checked my zipper to see if maybe, just maybe, I had forgotten to hoist the flag. But I had, so there was no problem there.

With the looks I was getting, they probably thought I was a mafia hitman on his way to a whacking.

Either way, it was strange yet humorous. We’ll see what the reactions are tomorrow.