Album of the Moment

Dude, don’t even question it. Pick it up–NOW.

2 thoughts on “Album of the Moment

  1. Yes, some great songs, but without having I Robot in its complete splendor, I cannot consider this the “essential” Alan Parsons Project.
    And yes, I understand its just another release in Sony’s Essential series. I just wanted to reinforce the fact that I Robot is a fantastic record that everybody needs to hear.


  2. No, I agree. Records companies are quick to slap the “essential” or “gold” or “best of” label on a collection of songs. It’s definitely subjective; true fans of a group will have their own preferences. Myself, I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode and I think “The Best of Depeche Mode” is really bad since I have my personal favorites.

    But this collection is definitely a good introduction to the casual fan of The Alan Parsons Project. Me likey. It’s been like musical crack since I got it, even with its misgivings.


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