My Secret Stash

Okay, so I did make a few mistakes by drinking diet sodas now and then since giving them up. No big deal; I still drink juice and water most of the time.

But yesterday I had a hankerin’ for something sweet and since there’s very little of that in the house now, I had to look hard for something that would satisfy my urge.

And I found it. Or them, I should say.

For in the cabinet I had about 8 packs of Marshmallow Peeps stored away for whatever reason. Take note that they were not the Halloween Peeps, no. These were the original yellow bunny manifestation of the sugar-coated confectioneries I bought about a year ago (and quite possibly before that). I had bought them and stashed them away just in case I ever had the craving to eat them out of season.

And yesterday was the day. I cracked open the package and let the air hit them for a few hours. (Note: they are much, much better when stale.) Once they had lost all squishiness, which in all honesty they probably lost some time ago while still in the sealed package, I grabbed a few and bit their little bunny heads off. And they were good.

Tomorrow I return to work and I’m seriously wondering where my time off went. I thought this day would never get here but tomorrow I start to slam the snooze button at 5:06am once again. But I suppose I’m ready to return. There’s only so long you can stay stuck in the house playing Nintendo DS. And since hockey season has once again started, I can watch the Kings practice during my lunch hour. Since those damned Dodgers fell apart when it mattered, I have to throw my hope into my hockey team.

I just don’t want to see how many e-mails I have in my inbox when I get to work. Yikes!