Not the Way I Intended

Last Thursday, I was officially released from the observation of my surgeon. I’m pretty much free to do nearly everything but heavy lifting, so I’m pretty happy about that. And I can drive again (as long as I don’t take any pain-killers, which I haven’t lately).

During my appointment, while he was inspecting the incision site and whatnot, I asked him how the surgery went.

“Oh my, it was a tough one,” he replied. “We had to remove a pound of fat that had grown around the hernia.”

Say what? Why wasn’t I notified earlier?

Well, either way I’ll take it. I went home with the knowledge that I was at least one pound lighter after the surgery. And since post-surgery I haven’t really had the same appetite, I know I’ve dropped a few more pound here and there–despite what the evil bathroom scale tells me (*shakes fist*)

This week I received confirmation of that fact as no less than four people commented me about my weight loss. If you’ve been trying to drop weight, let me tell you that nothing feels better than having someone comment you on your success.

But four people? Jumpin’ Jesus, that’s the virtual Holy Grail of Weight Loss. I can’t imagine what the reaction will be like once I head to work (which I’ve been cleared for on October 2nd). And I would also like to add that I’ve never felt better. The pain is gone and, believe it or not, yesterday I sneezed for the first time since the surgery. Sounds strange but I’ve been trying to avoid doing so for obvious reasons–it would have friggin’ hurt!

Oh, and evidently, I need to be more criminal-y. Just before my surgery, I asked my employer for all the forms necessary to receive disability checks during my time off. I filled out everything I needed, as did my employer and surgeon.

My surgery was on September 11th. Today is September 24th and I’m going back to work next Monday. Y’all wanna guess, as of this post, how many checks I’ve gotten from the wonderful State of Californ-i-a? Let me give you a hint: If you add the amount to itself, divide it by any number and then multiply it by 75, the answer is zero.

Don’t think too hard, peeps. And keep on cuttin’ checks to the criminals taking advantage of the system, my lovely Golden State. Despite paying into it from the day I started working, the crooks obviously need it more than I do.

We’re disappearing for a few days. Need some time away from the house and whatnot. Watch for updates this weekend and have a great week!