Back to School

Ah, work. As we continue to meander down the Path of the Unknown, someone had the infinite wisdom to see to it that our department attend a project management course today and Tuesday. (My company teaches such things anyhow, so all we need to do is head to the Education Center on the first floor.)

While I’m sure this course would benefit at least one person in the department, I’m not sure why I’m even there. I’m a proofreader. As such, the extent of my project management skills don’t go beyond deciding which color pen I should use to mark up the proofs. That’s unless I choose to delegate the selection of my writing instrument to a team of stakeholders and internal sources, including the Accounting Department, who would then conduct a feasibility study into which would provide the best value for the money, which would satisfy all parties involved, etc.

Just give me the damned red pen and I’ll be fine!

The course is also a bit intimidating. I’m sitting in a room surrounded by really smart people that have degrees in various subjects; some even had double majors. These people have managed projects before. Prior to working for the magazine, all I’d done was stock shelves and print negatives. (Okay, I also sold tickets at Knott’s Berry Farm.) And there I am, measly me with my Technical Writing certificate from a community college in Orange County, CA. Kinda makes me want to go back to working at a photo lab.

Am I learning anything? If “confusion” counts, then yes, I am learning more than I ever expected–and more!

Well, onto other things. For the first time since my surgery, I spent an hour playing Wii. And it felt good. I even set a record of 28 hits on the Batting Practice training in Wii Sports, so I’m pretty happy for that minor accomplishment. It’s the little things, people!

And to get you into the habit of staying away from crappy foods, allow me to post one of my most favoritest articles in the whole world. Whenever I’m feeling the need to chow on something I shouldn’t, reading this just once always scares me back into eating healthier foods.

Bon appétit!