Cooling Down

I just finished my lunchtime walk.

While my norm is to walk a meandering yet seemingly square mile around beautiful corporate El Segundo, today I decided to take advantage of the small workout facility located in the building next door (owned by the same folks who own my building).

After one visit, I’ve decided that I would not return. Here’s why.

For one, as with every gym, there is little air circulating. I know it’s an obvious attempt at getting fatties like me to profusely sweat but damn, I’m on lunch. I don’t bring an extra set of clothes so being drenched in my own sweat is not my ideal way to return to my desk. In addition to that there’s no scenery, save for the people walking by who can’t see inside the gym and use the reflective surface of the tinted windows to check themselves. That was a bit amusing.

There are only two treadmills and one climber-thingy. And being that those seem to be the most popular items in any gym, I decided that they aren’t worth fighting over when there’s an unlimited amount of sidewalk just outside the door.

Another thing. After leaving the treadmill, it still felt like I was on it! Jesus, it almost felt like the sidewalk was moving along with me. I almost ran into a tree and some guy carrying an order of nachos.

So at least I gave it the old college try. Tomorrow I return to the “Streets of El Segundo*.”

*Not a Quinn Martin Production