Project: 2010 Commences

First, let me apologize for my extended absences. Here are some reasons:

  • Ann’s been playing Pogo at night on the laptop, which is what I normally use to post.
  • She’s also been semi-bedridden with back problems so I’ve been doing what I can to help her, including driving her to doctor’s appointments and whatnot. Yes, I’ve even been holding her purse. (Take note, guys: we’ve been married nearly 15 years for a reason.)
  • I bought PGR4 for the XBOX 360 the day it came out. ‘Nuff said.

As far as my health goes, got-damn, many moons have passed since I felt this good.

On to the meat of the post. While “Project: 2010” continues to leave innocent victims in its wake, a few good things have actually come out of it (for those of us who have survived thus far). In a recent meeting with our CEO, he revealed that our office–we have many in different parts of the world–will be the only one allowed to participate daily in our formerly Fridays-only “jeans-casual” dress code. That’s right–I can wear jeans, Reeboks and polo shirts every stinking day. This makes me happier now that I’m down a few sizes since my surgery. BOO-YAA! And those people at Mattel thought they had it good.

We’re also officially allowed to use “electronic music devices” as they put it, provided they do not disturb anyone. (I’ve been using my iPod since I started working there nearly two years ago.) We can also take a 30-minute lunch instead of our standard 1-hour lunch and leave earlier.

Jesus, did I just say “boo-yaa”?

Oh, and about my brother’s appearance on Cane? I watched, I recorded, I didn’t see him. So maybe next week he’ll show up. And after the last shoot near the Queen Mary, a shoot which lasted from 8:30am to 10pm, he told me he’s getting closer to the leads and more face time. So that’s cool for him.

Tomorrow we head to Mickey’s HalloweenTime with The Kid in tow. He will be a fireman, which he already thinks he is anyhow. On Saturday, my brother gets to dress as Indiana Jones since he is working the HalloweenTime event that night. He says the costume is pretty authentic, so pictures will naturally follow.

And once again, on October 19th Disney will be releasing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. We’re already there!