I Miss Olde Tyme Hockey

A few days ago I overheard our newest employee–she’s filling the void I left when I transferred–talk about her love for the Los Angeles Kings.

She’s already been to all their home games. She has her own Kings blog. In short, she’s nuts for them.

Upon overhearing this, my mind was immediately transported back to the mid-80s, back to the days when I shared the very same sentiments for my local hockey team.

But things were much different back then. I could drive to The Fabulous Forum for any given home game, walk up to the ticket booth, plop down $10 for a nosebleed ticket and have myself a great time with my fellow Kings fans, most of whom you’d see at every home game.

On a good night, there may have been 5,000 people in attendance. But those 5,000 people could boo with the best of them.

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