Mark of “Cane”

Tonight at 10pm EST, my brother will make his debut as a regular extra on the CBS show Cane. He will be in the background playing a cigar-smoking Cuban domino player.

In the next episode–airdate not yet determined–he will also be playing a cigar-smoking Cuban domino player.

And today, he is taking a day off from his current job as Disneyland Audio Engineer (for parades and stuff) to shoot yet another episode of Cane, only this time in my neck of the woods–Long Beach. Wanna guess what he’s going to play? Here’s a hint: it involves cigars and dominoes. And people of Cuban nationality. Don’t think too hard on that one.

I will try my best to capture his scenes and post them later tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned. And you know the best part about all of this? He doesn’t even smoke–and he’s not Cuban!

So keep en eye out for that tonight. Oh, and I’m starting to get my bills for my surgery. Let’s just say I’m glad I have medical insurance. Ouch.