Glad to Be Back

Now that I’ve decided to make a less-than-triumphant return to blogging, I thought I’d entertain you on what I learned and did during my time off.

Ready? Here we go.

Things I Learned During My Time Off from Blogging

You can’t ever really “find yourself.” Well, at least in such a short amount of time. We spend our lives trying to find exactly who we are, why we are here, etc. We constantly adapt to changes in our environment so that we may survive, so it seems rather trivial to go in pursuit of something that is never in a state of completion.

Sleep is good. I went to bed early on several occasions and felt absolutely fantastic in the morning. Let that be an early warning to all of you 30-somethings in the crowd: your days of staying up late are definitely numbered, at least if you want to feel good when you wake up.

Wii bowling = ! Real bowling. I took Anthony bowling yesterday and man, I suck! It was a good thing the bumpers were up on the lane because they saved my ass more than a few times. And swinging a Wiimote is definitely not the same as holding a 13 lb. bowling ball, but I still had fun.

The Toyota RAV 4 sucks. Ann’s truck was in the shop for a few days so the dealership set us up with a rental car—a Toyota RAV 4. Man, what a flaming ball of suck that vehicle was. I wonder what Toyota was thinking when they designed this one: “Hey, we need an underpowered compact SUV for small people that don’t off-road and have very little need for a spacious cabin.” And voila, the RAV 4 was born.

Children’s educational television is better than SpongeBob. With Verizon FiOS On Demand we can now watch some of Anthony’s favorite shows whenever we choose. As such, we’ve noticed a huge difference in his overall attitude and demeanor. When he watches the nonsensical SpongeBob or any other Nickelodeon show he seems a bit more aggressive. With channels like PBS Kids Sprout and the on-demand shows, he’s definitely mellowed out.

Sugar is not good for kids. On the subject of attitudes, Anthony stuffed his backpack with sugary goodies (gummies, etc.) before we left the house to go bowling. He ate them all while bowling and was, um…a pain the rest of the day. He tends to behave when he as an occasional pack of gummies or fruit rollers but he had way too many yesterday and was a downright demon. Lesson learned and noted.

Things I Did During the Same Time

I opened a CafePress store. While I had a CafePress shop since last year, I hadn’t filled it with much of anything. There have been times when I thought to myself, “Hey, that would be funny to have on a t-shirt!” So I created a few graphics in Photoshop and have them available for purchase. I chose to go with the 15-day trial and see how it works and so far it’s been a bust. My quest for making a few extra dollars on the side ain’t gonna work with this venture so I’m closing the shop when my trial is done.

I opened a Stickam account. Why? I dunno. Perhaps the allure of becoming The Next Big Internet Celebrity was too much to pass up. Actually, it may come in handy should I choose to post a video here or have a live chat with those two people who read this blog. It’s worth noting that my Stickam profile picture is my new favorite self-portrait. You can see it there, my About page, Flickr account, MySpace, etc. I’m not a narcissist by any means but I rarely see pictures of myself that I like, and I just dig this one.

I was a hero. This morning, Anthony wanted to take a picture of his fish with him to Grandma’s house. He wanted to show her his “big, ugly sucker fish” and the betta fish he’s named Lady. So I took a quick shot and printed it for him (and that’s why digital photography effing rocks). But in the process of getting him to put his rainboots on and packing him and his clothes in Ann’s truck, he forgot the picture somewhere in the house. By then it was late and we had to get going. He started to cry when I told him I couldn’t find the picture so after Ann left with him, I went back in the house and printed another. I dropped it off at Grandma’s house on the way to the train. He was beyond happy and I picked up the save, even if I was a few minutes late to work.

I wrote a screenplay. No, I’m kidding. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

I made a difference. This should have been a blog entry but I chose to upload it to Flickr instead.

Anyway, as you can see on the image above, there’s something wrong with the phone number on that billboard. I noticed it and thought maybe, just maybe, it was correct. So I called it and nope, it was indeed wrong. I then sent the following e-mail to the people on 1/16/08:

Are you aware of the spelling error on your current billboard? I see it every day on my way to work and had to do a double-take when I first saw it. (Link to image: ) The image is a bit blurry since I took it from a moving train but the number reads “1.800.BAJA” and nothing else. Just thought you’d like to know in case you hadn’t yet.

On my way to work today, I noticed something strange: the billboard was corrected! Because I was sitting on the other side of the train I couldn’t get a picture of it (and I wasn’t prepared anyhow). I will get a shot of it tomorrow (weather permitting).

UPDATED @ 6:24 pm: Here’s a blurry image taken tonight on the way home:

During my time off, the one thing I had wanted to do was to have an impact on something or somebody. With the correction of the phone number on the billboard, it appears as if in a way, I succeeded.

And in closing this entry, I’d like to add this little note to the people over at YOU OWE ME BIG TIME! This isn’t some hand-written “garage sale” sign; this is a billboard that cost thousands of dollars! Where’s my cut? Huh? I saved your asses! I’ve never been to Rosarito so hey, you know, how about a little something for the effort?

Ahem. Yes, I’m back. Did you miss me?

2 thoughts on “Glad to Be Back

  1. I must disagree with your first point. Years ago, I was at the local shopping mall and I was standing in front of the mall directory. The map of the mall said “You are here.” I looked at that red dot, then I stared around the room (or big mall hallway, whatever those are called,); I had this epiphany. I, was, here. In front of the Old Navy, in plain site of The Gap, no where near the Sony Store. That is me. Stuck in limbo, between the societal norms of today and yesterday, never reaching the future, never even in site of what lies ahead. Stuck in some meaningless existence in purgatory…

    Okay, I that’s all I got. The joke stopped being funny at Old Navy.

    Good stuff with the billboard by the way.


  2. Good stuff with the billboard by the way.

    You hear that, Rosarito? I need to e-mail them and ask for my check.

    You know, I often wondered why malls (or amusement parks for that matter) never posted their maps on gigantic “You Are Here” objects. It only makes sense, right? If there’s a giant red box on the map where it reads “You Are Here,” then the map should be on a giant red cube!


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