iPod Upgrade?

Note: This article pertains to my personal upgrade from a 5th generation iPod to an iPod Touch. It does not contain any information regarding potential improvements or new features that Apple has in store for its next-generation iPod Touch.

When I bought my 30GB iPod (5G) back in 2006, I thought it would be the last MP3 player I’d purchase for a long, long time.

Two short years later I’m deciding on whether I want to buy the new 32GB iPod Touch (which I will hereby refer to as “iTouch”).

Here’s the thing. The price of $499 is no doubt hefty, but then again so was the $299 I spent two years ago for something that has half the features of the iTouch. Basically for $200 more I will be getting >2GB additional storage, but because I still have about 8GB left on my current iPod, storage space isn’t really the issue.

So what justifies the cost? All those neat little goodies which me likey a lot: Internet browser, notepad, weather, widgets…oh, and it plays music and videos, too. So as far as features go, it’s a no-brainer.

The cost is an issue that I may likely have handled. See, I’ve a $20 Best Buy Rewards certificate that I’ve been saving. Additionally, on Thursday I will be getting another $50 cash from my employer for my birthday (and a cake, too). On top of that, we’re getting a $200 Best Buy gift card as a promo for using Verizon for our Internet, phone and TV service. Ann has agreed to let me use the gift card since, well, there’s nothing at Best Buy she really wants. If that remains the case, I’ll have $270 to put towards the iTouch and would owe “just” the balance of $229 (plus tax). And if I get any more money for my birthday (note: I accept PayPal), then the cost could be even less.

Also, rumor has it that there may be a price drop of $100 very soon. So all things considered, I’ve broken it all down into pros and cons.

The Pros

  • It’s new–duh!
  • Features are amazingly cool from what I hear
  • It’s pretty
  • Basically an iPhone minus the phone and camera but more memory

The Cons

  • With my job going bye-bye in about a year, will I use it as much?
  • Cost, it seems to be taken care of

Other Thoughts

  • Will it work with my current iPod dock-equipped clock radio?
  • Will transferring from old to new be a pain?
  • Can I replace the battery as easily as I did in my 5G?
  • Do I really need a new iPod?
  • Do I eBay the old one?

So will I stick with my current iPod or will my wallet get lighter in the near future? Stay tuned to find out…

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5 thoughts on “iPod Upgrade?

  1. I’ve used pretty much every kind of iPod Apple has been able to produce. Here’s my thoughts on the Touch.

    I don’t like touch screen interfaces as I’ve noticed they wear out sort of. I haven’t heard of Touchs doing that, but they are pretty new. And it shows the fingerprints.

    I find the navigation through all the little apps and such is a bit tedious.

    You know my thoughts on flash/solid state storage.

    I think the iPod is a great mp3 player and that is all I use my 3rd gen for.

    If I had those Best Buy Bucks, I would put it towards a new TV because my 1990 something 27″ Toshiba CRT is much older than my 2004 iPod.


  2. And if I was out of work, I’d spend a lot more time at home watching TV and a lot less time on the bus to and from work listening to music.


  3. Re: 1st comment:
    Good points as usual. Seems like I’d be getting more than I bargained for if I took that route. In the end, we may just meander aimlessly through our local Best Buy and see what strikes our fancy. My 5G is holding up just fine and I really am perfectly happy with it. Really. I am.

    Sorry about your TV 😛

    Re: 2nd comment:
    I have an XBOX and a Wii and I’m not afraid to use them!


  4. Don’t feel to bad, I’ve got my PS3 and Wii hooked up to my 40″ plasma. The Toshiba is my 3 in the morning watching CNN drinking a glass of OJ tv. Its plugged it because I have it. I don’t need it.


  5. Once I got my 42″ LCD, I set up my old 26″ WEGA flatscreen in the living room so our son could watch his DVDs.

    HD gaming is, as you know, insane. I find it hard to believe I used to sit across the den playing games on that thing…with wired controllers…


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