Flash Nirvana

First, sorry for the lack of recent posts. I’ve been resting trying to get over this illness. And people, let me tell you: sinus infections suck ass. I don’t think I need to say much more.

Anyway, here we go. Back in the film days when I worked at one-hour photo labs, I took many pictures. Working at the photo lab gave me the privilege of experimenting with different lighting effects and seeing the results without having to pay for them.

Now, in the era of digital photography, I’ve once again begun to experiment. One problem I wanted to solve was the hard shadows I was getting with the built-in flash on my Olympus EVOLT E-500.

As is the case with most built-in units, it is weak and rather unpredictable. So I attached my old Sunpak Auto 2000 unit and LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer that I used with my film camera and messed around with various manual settings. After about 200 shots I was finally able to achieve what I believe to be my flash nirvana.

Hard shadows are no more as you can see in the image below:

This is exactly what I wanted to get. But even with my satisfaction, I think I still need to experiment shooting vertically:

It may be difficult to eliminate the shadow underneath The Kid’s chin with just one flash unit and a bouncer, but I still think the lighting is better than what I get using the built-in flash.