As a way to reward myself once again for making progress in dropping more weight, I went to Target today and purchased a new bathroom scale. And it’s pretty deluxe.

Not only does it give you your weight (duh) but also BMI, body fat and body water percentages, and bone mass. All of those are determined by your entered height and age. It also used semiconductors to measure your weight for the most accurate reading (or so the box reads). I figured hell, if I’m going to be serious I might as well splurge a bit. Once I figured it all out I stood on its glass platform to get my weight and lo and behold, it was lower than my previous plastic scale. A good investment indeed.

I also took today as an opportunity to dispose of my Fat Guy Pants by chucking in them in the local clothing donation bin. May they go to some good use.

You may have noticed the widget on the right side displaying several items. No, I haven’t sold out, I just wanted to throw out proper credit to those items and people that have made my progress possible or at least a bit more enjoyable. Nothing wrong with that now, is there?

And hey, I found a Micro SD card today at the park. I took it home to check it out and apparently they are images of somebody’s newborn baby taken with a cell phone. I already posted an ad on Craigslist in the hopes the owner will search there.

Since this is the Easter weekend I’ll probably take a few days off from ye olde blog to tend to all the festivities. See you on Monday.