That’s the Best They Could Come Up With?

Advertising agencies are in the business to cater to their clients’ needs in terms of getting a specific message to their target audience. Thousands if not millions of dollars are spent each year by businesses to ad agencies in the hopes that they will generate a message that will reflect the lifestyle of their targeted audience.

Meetings are held to ensure that the message carries a sense of clarity and that it promises potential customers that the business’ products or services are second-to-none. Calls are made and e-mails are sent. Suggestions are made, approved, revised, approved, denied…you get the idea. It’s a big deal.

And in the end, the result is usually nothing short of spectacular: The Ultimate Driving Machine. Like No Other. Expect More, Pay Less. Chances are good that without even Googling those slogans, you know which products or businesses they represent.

Then there’s the financial institution known as Washington Mutual. While they may have spent a fortune in advertising costs, their new slogan might very well have been thought up by a drunken janitorial crew at their corporate office.

And what exactly is their new slogan?

Whoo hoo!



Behind the Toyota Center, practice facility of the L.A. Kings. This was taken yesterday afternoon but I forgot to upload it, so here you go.