Is XM Rickrolling?

As has been the case since buying my PT Cruiser convertible, I drove home from the train station with the top down. It was a gorgeous day and I was enjoying the 80s tuneage coming from my trusty Pioneer Inno XM receiver. (I do have to admit, however, that driving down the 405 on Friday … Continue reading Is XM Rickrolling?


Can You Still Love

I saw this sign standing off the dirt path beneath the MTA Green Line's Mariposa Ave. station during my daily walk. I tried to figure out what it meant or why it was even there, but I later chose not to read into its literal meaning and analyze the philosophical aspect instead: Can you still … Continue reading Can You Still Love

Things Get Damaged…

Pop Quiz, kiddies! Can any of you tell me how long your ol' Uncle Dave has had his "new" 2007 PT Cruiser convertible? Here are your choices: a) One day b) One week c) One year d) One decade If you answered b) One week, you are correct! You've won a Bozo Button! Ahem. Forgive … Continue reading Things Get Damaged…

Google Search Terms for My Blog

Even if I don't plan to write a post or have comments awaiting moderation, I often login to WordPress to check out my blog stats. Part of the fun is checking to see which terms people searched for in Google, which ultimately lead them to my blog. There are the usual "normal" queries mixed in … Continue reading Google Search Terms for My Blog


Somebody @ work made this...wormy cake in honor of Earth Day. As one co-worker put it, "That's some freaky s*** right there."