Not Yours

A few posts ago I bad mentioned that I was going to soon be getting dave_at_this domain_dot_com for my e-mail address.

Well, at least I tried to.

I signed up through Google Apps in the hopes I would make this little nicety become a reality. Turns out that despite everything I did to make it come true, nothing worked.

Apparently there is some sort of conflict with Google Apps and Yahoo! Small Business that prevents things from being configured properly. I didn’t learn this until after my first try when I was told to wait at least 48 hours until things were worked out.

Two days later I get a notice that no, it’s not working because I didn’t configure things right on my end. So I tried again—and waited another 48 hours. (Note: each time you make a change/configure things, it’ll take 48 hours to find out if things worked as they should. Nice!)

Once again, I got nothing. I even tried to configure it using AOL’s free e-mail service and, you guessed it, nothing worked that time as well.

My last glimmer of hope was to create the address as an alias through Yahoo! Small Business (which hosts my domain). Any messages sent to dave_at_this domain_dot_com would be forwarded to my Yahoo! Mail account.

I have sent three, the first of which was over 30 minutes ago. And as of this post, I have yet to receive one of them.

So, much like the LightScribe dilemma I say fuck it to this one, too. I am keeping my current e-mail address as listed on my Contact page.

(Special note to tech geeks out there: please don’t bother explaining how to resolve this issue in the comments. I’m done with it—seriously, I don’t care!)