Fictional Band Names

There is an area in our office that is affectionately known as The Trough. Situated on the top of a bookcase, it’s eye-level and hard to ignore. The Trough, as its name might imply, is the place where employees bring outdated, unwanted (and often strange) foodstuffs, assorted snacks, etc. for consumption. Everybody in the company knows we’re pigs over on that side of the building so they also contribute to the fray.

In casual conversation, I mentioned to my boss that the area is often home to “bastard candies” from Halloween or Easter and “unwanted cheeses” from Christmas.

“Bastard candies and wanted cheeses? That sounds like a band name,” he suggested. I agreed.

The conversation only progressed from there. We stated thinking of more and, as guys normally do when coming up with band names, had some fun with it all.

Then I started thinking of some of the ones I had come up with in the past. It took some time to remember, but I think I have come up with a list that is comprised of my favorites. In addition to my new creation of Bastard Candy and the Unwanted Cheeses, soon to be one of my Rock Band group names, I have…

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