They’re Back…But Why?

Look, I've never claimed to be the picture of today's fashion. I just sort of evolve and blend in as I always have and probably will continue to do. But I've noticed recently that there's been an 80s fashion trend with the male Abercombie-and-Fitch-shirt-wearing crowd that is slowly coming back, much like some things that … Continue reading They’re Back…But Why?

I Got a Wii Fit!

I'm a Wiik (ha!) late to the party, but I got my Wii Fit at Target this morning! Watch for an interesting follow-up later today. UPDATE 7 p.m.: My experience at Target when purchasing my Wii Fit is about as interesting as anything. I arrived a bit before their 8 a.m. opening time where the … Continue reading I Got a Wii Fit!