They’re Back…But Why?

Look, I’ve never claimed to be the picture of today’s fashion. I just sort of evolve and blend in as I always have and probably will continue to do.

But I’ve noticed recently that there’s been an 80s fashion trend with the male Abercombie-and-Fitch-shirt-wearing crowd that is slowly coming back, much like some things that many thirty-something ladies would rather forget.

I’m talking about are Turbo sunglasses.

I seem to recall one time when these things we cool, and that was back in the early 80s when I might have gotten my picture taken in a photo booth at Knott’s Berry Farm wearing those Turbo sunglasses and a baseball concert shirt from The Police’s “Ghost in the Machine” tour. I also might have had a brick-sized “portable” AM/FM/cassette with auto-reverse and Dolby NR Walkman, braces on my teeth and one of those butt-ugly Pittsburgh Pirate hats. (Note: I actually do have the picture I have just described but cannot locate it at the moment. Trust me–it’s a classic.)

And by the way, I never spent more than $2.50 for my Turbo shades–and at the swap meet to boot. $10  could have stocked me up for life, or at least the life of the trend.

I think that may have been the only time wearing such sunglasses may have been acceptable. But ladies, don’t feel left out. You have your own sunglass trend for today too, made popular by just about every celebrity: oversized sunglasses, or what I prefer to call The Brett Somers look.

Turbo sunglasses looked good in the 80s, sure. But flash-forward to 2003 (in my um, fatter days)…

…hmm, perhaps not so much.

Five years later my opinion remains unchanged, although there are possibly worse choices out there.

So let’s stop this evil fashion trend before it spreads. The next time you see a person wearing those Turbo sunglasses, just sock ’em in the eye and tell the Corey Hart called and not only wants his career back, but his ridiculous shades, too.

I Got a Wii Fit!

I’m a Wiik (ha!) late to the party, but I got my Wii Fit at Target this morning! Watch for an interesting follow-up later today.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: My experience at Target when purchasing my Wii Fit is about as interesting as anything.

I arrived a bit before their 8 a.m. opening time where the usual group of Hot Wheels Dorks was congregating in the hopes of finding the latest Treasure Hunt vehicles. When the doors opened, I bolted to the Electronics Department and stood in line.

That’s when things got, um, interesting. There were about two groups of men speaking in a foreign tongue that I could not decipher (or even take a guess at). And at the risk of offending anybody I won’t even venture to give their native tongue a name. But these guys all had a few things in common. They all:

  • Had California Reseller’s Permits, which means you’ll see plenty of overpriced Wii Fit units on the street real quick;
  • Worked in teams, speaking with their cohorts at a blazingly fast rate of speed during the checkout process so as to confuse the cashier(s);
  • Bought Target Gift Cards in addition to the units, one of them for $1,000;
  • Paid in cash;
  • Bought the same brand pre-paid cell phone with their Wii Fit unit.

It all seemed rather strange to me and their transactions were pure and utter chaos. One of them claimed he gave the cashier $150 and not the $120 she had tendered, one claimed he was charged too much, and once they were all done and trying to sort out their take in this little con, one of them actually tried to take the unit I was paying for as it was being rung up. By then I had had enough of their bullshit.

“That one’s mine, fucker,” I told the greedy bastard. His hand retracted quicker than he could speak.

So to the Electronics Department at Target T-195 in Long Beach, CA (my former store, BTW), if your registers are off at the end of the day, this could very well be the reason why. Those guys worked fast, talked fast, and seemed ready to swindle.

Anyway…I’ve only had a few minutes to spend with the Wii Fit. Here’s a few helpful hints:

  • If you have carpeting, place a piece of wood underneath for an accurate weight measurement. At first I weighed 146 (!) but after placing a piece of wood under the platform, it was correct.
  • The Weight Loss Goal only goes up to 22 lbs. so if you plan to lose more, you’ll have to start at 22 lbs. and once you reach that, start again with the remainder. In my case, it’ll be 22 lbs. plus another 10+ lbs.
  • I “jogged” and did the Hula Hoop exercise. It’d definitely fun!

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my other blog so check it out for more info and results. I begin using it tonight so we’ll see how things go!


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