Rare Phone-Cam Two-Fer!

It’s rare in more ways than one!

I was running late today so rather than fight for a parking space at the train station, trudge myself to the platform, wait for the next train, get the next connection…well, you get the idea…I decided I’d drive to work instead.

And believe it or not, I was glad I did. Besides, I needed a break from the stinky homeless folk and loudmouthed teenagers that always get busted for not buying a ticket.

While traveling home on the 405 southbound, a vehicle in the carpool lane passed me that I simply could not ignore. Remember that I do live in southern California and see lots of interesting cars out here, including those strangely masked test vehicles.

But this one wasn’t disguised. At any rate, I crept over in the Number 1 lane to get next to the first of two interesting cars I would see today. And here’s the first one…

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