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Downsizing, Part Trois

“I miss the truck, Daddy.”

Those were the words Anthony uttered to me the other day while we were out for a drive.

“I know, Tony. I miss it, too.”

And it’s true. I really, really do miss my Explorer for so many reasons: the leather seats, power driver’s seat, third-row seating, all that room, the versatility, and the feeling that I was King of the Highway when we drive it through jaunts in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Most of all, I miss it because it was paid off. But a recent trip to the gas station would change my mind.

At the most, the Explorer would go through half a tank a week even with me taking the train to work. At the current cost of $4.15/gallon, it would have cost $46+ to take it back to full, only for me to drain the fuel in a week’s time.

By comparison, I can fill the PT Loser at half-tank to full for $31+ and have it last me two weeks at the most. So to break it down…

  • Cost to fill Explorer at half-tank: $46 x 4 (weeks) = $184 in fuel per month
  • Cost to fill PT Loser at half-tank: $31 x 2 (weeks) = $62 in fuel per month

Factor in the PT Loser’s whopping monthly payment of $40 (!) and my total monthly operating costs come to $102. I “save” $82 a month. Go me!

Yes, I truly do miss the Explorer. But in a time when gas prices are reaching the insane do-I-really-need-to-drive-anywhere-today level, living without all of the Explorer’s niceties will do me just fine.

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