Going Metro Pays Off!

Anybody that reads this blog on a regular basis knows that for as much as I praise the benefits of riding Los Angeles' MTA light rail system, I have just as many complaints. Today's entry definitely falls under the former. An e-mail was sent to everybody here in the office this morning and man, I … Continue reading Going Metro Pays Off!

Downsizing, Part Trois

"I miss the truck, Daddy." Those were the words Anthony uttered to me the other day while we were out for a drive. "I know, Tony. I miss it, too." And it's true. I really, really do miss my Explorer for so many reasons: the leather seats, power driver's seat, third-row seating, all that room, … Continue reading Downsizing, Part Trois

Ridership on MTA Going Up?

As of late, it seems to me that there hasn't been much room on my Metro trains while going to work. The Aviation Boulevard station--transfer point to the L.A. International Airport shuttle--was once the stop at which most riders would exit the train, leaving me with room to stretch and more than likely a place … Continue reading Ridership on MTA Going Up?

Downsizing, Part Deux

The nice thing about buying a car from CarMax is that if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 5 days--no questions asked. If it turns out you don't like the color, the radio, anything...just take it back and exchange it for something else. Under our neighbor's advice, I drove the … Continue reading Downsizing, Part Deux


Yesterday morning I took a good, long look at my `06 Ford Explorer. That night I traded it in. With gas prices creeping closer to the unthinkable $4 per gallon price range, I decided that it was no longer practical to drive a vehicle that gets less than 13 miles per gallon and, for the … Continue reading Downsizing