Taste of Lexus Event, Part Deux

Waaaay back in November of 2005, I wrote a post about attending the Taste of Lexus: Performance Edition Event at Dodger Stadium. As has become tradition with me whenever I go somewhere and write about it, I posted a link to the album for viewing.

But alas, that was when I still used Yahoo! Photos and up until yesterday when I fixed it, that link was busted. (For those that don’t know, Yahoo! Photos no longer exists.) It turns out that people are still interested in seeing what happens at such an event and because of this, I’ve uploaded the images from that day to my Flickr account. Note that I was, um, much fatter back then and that this time around, there are short video clips!

Here’s one of me taking the Lexus IS 250 through the test track:

So for those of you who wanted to see what it’s all about, you now have your chance. And hey, if you ever come across a busted link or image, please let me know by sending me an e-mail:


UPDATED: I forgot to mention a cool (and free) program I found yesterday called RAD Video Tools, which allowed me to convert my Quicktime video above to AVI for editing purposes. It was too long and Flickr cut off the part where I was actually driving the car (since half of it was of me waiting for the light to turn green). And being I rarely shoot clips, I didn’t want to spend money on Quicktime Pro just to edit those occasional clips. I’d rather stick with Windows Movie Maker and go from there.

This program did the beautifully, so thanks to them for making it possible!

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