Speaking of Work…

Wow, you guys get a third post today. You must be really, really special...! A few weeks ago we got word from what is now called our Corporate Office but prior to a year ago, was not called our Corporate Office. I'll explain in a few. At any rate we were informed that because of … Continue reading Speaking of Work…


Fried XBOX

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post in which I briefly mentioned that I stayed home in order to wait for an electrician to show up after we suffered a power outage. Naturally, when such things happen my first inclination it to see if it is localized or if the entire neighborhood went dark. After … Continue reading Fried XBOX

NEWS: Police and Fire @ Work

Good morning...police everywhere outside building...nobody being let in...updates will follow... UPDATED: Apparently a fire alarm was set off. All clear and we're back at work. Yay...?