Giving Thanks

I’m thankful…

…to be alive to experience everything good or bad.

…for my son and wife that continually put up with my nonsense and still manage to tell me they love me.

…the hugs said family give me each day.

…my mom who raised two boys on her own after Dad died when I was 7, and always made sure we never fell out of line.

…my brother who played an important part in my life once Dad left us.

…my cats Ozzie and Cindy, our fuzzy kitties that, regardless of the kind of day I’ve had, have no problems climbing on me, circling a few times and purring themselves to sleep on my stomach.

…for the few real-life, carbon-based friends I have, all of whom have been by my side through thick and thin and know that if they ever need me, they have my cell phone number.

…and finally, for all of my regular readers whom I will not hesitate to call friends. You make me smile, give me wisdom, and make my days a bit brighter with each post or comment left here. You’re truly appreciated.

Yay verily, the Thanksgiving feasting hour is upon us. Be not left behind.

Eat, my friends–EAT!


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