Am I Weird?

First, I’ve a whole bunch of post ideas so stay tuned.

But before all that I have to ask: am I weird?

The reason is simple. When I get to work in the morning, after clocking in I head over to the kitchen and store my lunch in the fridge. The next step is to grab an ice-cold cup of water so that I can have something to wash down my first of two 500mg vitamin C tablets.

Not strange, you say? Then why do I always get devious stares from the coffee-drinking masses that are waiting in line at the brewer like it’s the mailman delivering their welfare check? And for the record, I don’t drink coffee save for those foofy Starbucks drinks that barely qualify.

Anyway, comments are open and there’s a poll to boot. Go to it. I’ll be sipping my H20 while I read the results!


3 thoughts on “Am I Weird?

  1. I voted ‘yes’ but only because it was so much more than just yes. Seriously, lotsa people drink water. There’s nothing wrong with water. Okay, maybe tap water is sewage in some places while it’s bleach in others, but natural spring water, or filtered water. There’s nothing wrong with drinking that.
    Besides, if I lived in sunny hot California, I’d probably want to drink something cold. Up here in the frozen tundra that is Canada, well, I need something to keep me warm, coffee and tea does the trick rather nicely. But in summer, it’s too hot to drink coffee.
    So, no, you’re not weird. You’re thirsty.

    Yeah, I figured as much. And while I won’t mention the current temperature I will say that even if I was a coffee drinker, it wouldn’t be very suitable for the conditions.

    Then again, I worked with a girl that used to eat salad or soup for breakfast. I said BREAKFAST, man. I couldn’t even fathom doing that.


  2. The only thing wrong with eating salad for breakfast is the salad. Salad ain’t food. Salad is what you feed to food.
    The only reason I don’t eat fried chicken for breakfast is the trouble I have finding a fried chicken place open before noon.

    While I’d rather have the animal that ate the salad, I can’t handle much red meat anymore. It just ain’t happening.

    True on the fried chicken. I think I’ve had fried chicken leftovers for breakfast in the past.


  3. WEIR-DO you read it–2 words!

    But by the time you get to work all those coffee drinkers should have had their coffee and been on their way to H20 also!

    Oh, you’re a coffee drinker. That’s the only reason you’re calling me a weirdo 🙂


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