The Dullard

First of all, I moved our backup XP-based computer from the garage back into the house. It’s a little slow but at least the damn thing works. Now onto the rest. Ask anyone about me and you’re bound to get the same answer: I’m pretty normal. Yes, I crack an occasional joke and enjoy making … Continue reading The Dullard


The Kid and David Caruso!

The Kid and David Caruso!, originally uploaded by aeromat. CSI: Miami filming in Long Beach, CA. The rest of the pictures can be seen here. UPDATE: I took The Kid to go and see Monsters vs. Aliens today with some passes I had left over. It's a good thing we didn't pay for the movie--we … Continue reading The Kid and David Caruso!

It’s A Long Line After All

It's A Long Line After All, originally uploaded by aeromat. The line for "it's a small world" at Disneyland. The things we do to make the kid happy... UPDATE: Despite what appeared to be the never-eneding line, it only took about 15 minutes to get on the ride. And Ann got her birthday gift card … Continue reading It’s A Long Line After All

What Are You Trying to Say?

What Are You Trying to Say?, originally uploaded by aeromat. As seen at Target tonight. If there's one word (repeated over and over) that I'd never want on my boxer shorts... --- Share this post: : : : : : : : : : :

@ Wrightwood!

@ Wrightwood!, originally uploaded by aeromat. Hello snow! That's Ann and The Kid on the right side of the photo. We all nailed each other with snowballs! You can see the pics along with a few video clips by clicking here. Most are (unsurprisingly) of The Kid but there are plenty others to see. Enjoy! --- … Continue reading @ Wrightwood!