Jordan Knight’s Birthday

First of all, this post is the first to fall under the new “Life with Dave” category, formerly “Dialogue.” It will cover conversations between myself and the family. It gives you an idea of what it’s like to live with me – and what Ann has dealt with for 19 years. I will go back and tag the previous conversations I can remember blogging about within the same category.

There is a chapter in Cameron Crowe’s classic piece of American literature Fast Times and Ridgemont High* called “Ritchie Blackmore’s Birthday.” In it, Mike Damone takes every April 14th to celebrate the birth of his favorite guitarist by listening to nothing but songs that showcase his guitar work  all day. When his mom asks him if he would rather go and hang out with his friends because she and her husband can’t stand the music, Damone simply replies, “Nope. Suffer.”

Mike Damone loved his Ritchie Blackmore and probably still does (since the book was based on a true story).

I can’t say the same thing for and Ann her love for New Kids on the Block. She was a fan back in the day but not so much now that she’s in her 30s.

This was evident when KTLA’s Morning News was going into a commercial break and showing NKOTB’s “Step By Step” video. The lower third read “Happy Birthday, Jordan Knight!”

Ann, checking her email and not knowing the reason why the song was being played, voiced her displeasure.

Ann: Oh Lord, why are they playing that?

Me: It’s Jordan Knight’s birthday!**

Ann: So what? They haven’t been a group or even together in over 20 years!***

Me: How can you say that? They said they’d be loving YOU forever!

Ann: (shrugs) Whatever. Not me.

Sorry, JK

So anyway, Happy Birthday to Jordan Knight, you older kid on the block you.

I think.


Eh, whatever.

*SPOILER ALERT! As is the case most of the time, the book is NOTHING like the movie. I thought it was better and could have used more scenes from it.

**A fact I wouldn’t have known if not shown on the lower third.

***Obviously unaware of their recent tours.


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