Blogging 365, Day 22: Roger Mahony is Pure Evil


I want to start off this post with a quick story.

Back when I was in Catholic school, it seemed I was the only male who wasn’t an altar boy. When it came time for all of the altar boys to attend their annual beach field trip, I would be left behind and I didn’t want that. So I started to ask the others how I go about becoming an altar boy so that I could attend the outing and someday serve in church like a good little Catholic.

Within a week I received the training and got the blessing from the priest. I went on the field trip and had a great time – and I never served in one mass.

And for years afterward that kind of bothered me because I sort of lied to the church – no, the priest – and at that time I still considered myself a practicing Catholic. I was so going to hell for this.

Then I strayed away from the church and never gave it a second thought.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s move on. The man you see in the picture above is Roger Mahony. He is evil.  And that’s about the best way I can put it.

But it seems the guilt of my becoming an altar boy just to go on a field trip weighed more on my mind than the guilt he obviously didn’t feel for things he did during his time at the helm of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Documents released yesterday confirmed that the retired Cardinal protected priests that were accused of molesting boys with Mahony either dragging his feet in some cases or simply shuffling abusive priests from one parish to another to avoid prosecution.

In many instances he did move to have the accused priests defrocked – decades after the initial allegations and well beyond the state’s statute of limitations.

Now read that again. He didn’t call for an investigation into the charges, he simply opted to take the easy way out of the situation and later claim that he was “naïve” in his decisions regarding the cases. He also apologized to the victims’ families because that means so much from the man who destroyed their lives.

Too little too late.

This is the man who used to oversee the largest congregation in the area, the man who some saw as the holiest of holy in their church’s line of command, the man parishioners looked up to. And here he was doing absolutely nothing to protect the victims or their families from the monsters that lurked and probably still do lurk within the walls of what some would call God’s house.

But not me. I kiss no man’s ring. Reasons like this (and many others) are exactly why I left the Catholic church years ago and never looked back. The church was never there for me when I felt I needed some kind of guidance and in this case it seems painfully obvious that they don’t care enough about their own followers when things like this happen. A perfect example is this memo he sent regarding the possible announcement of the allegations of abuse where an accused priest had worked.

“We could open up another firestorm — and it takes us years to recover from those,” Mahony wrote in an Oct. 6, 2000, memo. “Is there no alternative to public announcements at all the Masses in 15 parishes??? Wow — that really scares the daylights out of me!!”

Again, we see Mahony putting himself and his church first rather than dealing with the problem like a responsible man should.

Goodness. It will “scare the daylights” out of him. Well excuse me, Roger. But can you imagine the hell those kids went through with someone they thought they could trust? And this is what scares the daylights out of you? What a psychopath.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’d heard of Mahony covering up molestation cases. It was documented in the film Deliver Us From Evil, a documentary that I still think of to this day and still enrages me. (Note: sensitive material in video)

There’s no amount of “let he without sin cast the first stone” or “judge not lest ye be judged” or any other biblical passages that can justify what Mahony did to virtually murder the lives of so many innocent young men and women. No, what he did was evil which means that he was, and still is, evil.

So Mahony, don’t go praying to your God and asking for forgiveness for your so-called naïveté about these cases. You know damn well what you did was wrong and if you believe in what that bible says, then one day you as well as your molesting priests will be judged before your God for all eternity.

And for what it’s worth, I hope know you will all suffer in hell and I only wish that you and all of the monsters who perpetrated these crimes on the innocents are prosecuted and sued to the fullest extent of the law, thereby bankrupting the largest and what I consider is one of the most criminal institutions in the world: the Vatican and Catholic church.