The Vegas Trip

The title of tonight’s post should summarize everything.

We left Wednesday night at around 6:45 p.m., drove non-stop through the desert, and arrived in Las Vegas at about 10:30 p.m. Considering we drove 70 MPH maximum, that was pretty good time.

Once we got there, however, it was the usual Las Vegas Ritual that included finding a parking space (we used valet most of the time), checking in, finding the room (26th floor) and then lugging the suitcases to the room. We opted to have the bellhop bring them to the room since we had an extra person that, um, brought a suitcase filled with Hot Wheels.

Thursday saw us walking on The Strip and going to M&Ms World, seeing the lions at the MGM Grand and a few other things. We pretty much had to keep Anthony occupied since he was in a strange place–literally and figuratively. He did, however, have fun swimming in the Excalibur pool as did Mom and Dad.

Friday I attended the funeral in Boulder City, which is about 30 miles from Las Vegas. It was a military service so it was very honorable and humbling, and reminded me of my dad’s over 30 years ago. (An aside: both of our fathers fought in Korea.) Later that night we all went to dinner at Russ’ dad’s favorite Mexican restaurant which, I have to admit, was very, very good. The man had good taste.

We left Friday evening to avoid the mess of traffic we would surely become a part of. Not only that, Ann thinks our room was haunted. The first night, she felt somebody tap her on the shoulder and when she woke up, she saw Anthony lying beside her dead asleep. No biggie; she figured he did it in his sleep and forgot about it.

The second night her back was facing the wall–and she claims she felt somebody (or something) rub her shoulder! Now that freaked her out and I do have to admit, I did hear assorted noises in the room–26162 at the Excalibur if you’re keeping score–all night long.

Las Vegas is very pedestrian and after those few days of walking around, my knees definitely felt their age. In fact, I have my right one wrapped in a neoprene bandage right now. Ouch.

And finally, I have a picture to share with you all. I’m proud of it because it actually shows that I’ve lost some weight and believe it or not, I think I look thin. Well, thinner than I’ve looked in previous photos. Anyway, here you go.

Me and Anthony at the Luxor, Las Vegas, NV

Here’s me and Tony at the Luxor, striking a pose where just about everybody poses for a picture (besides the giant Siegfried and Roy heads outside The Mirage). For comparison purposes, you can see all of my weight loss progress photos at my other blog.

At any rate, it was a quick and busy trip. It’s good to be home.