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I honestly couldn’t think of a title for this entry, so there you go.

There was a time, boys and girls, when your old pal Dave here was young and ambitious. No, seriously! I was attending a local community college and working on my AA in Advertising Design but during that time, Ann pointed out to me that I had taken most of the classes required to earn a certificate in Technical Writing. When it came time to make “The Decision” of choosing between work and continuing school, work ended up winning but I did manage to make it out with my certificate–and a really bad college ID card. And I think I still have my art box filled with Primacolor markers, pencils hanging in hardness from 8H to 8B, Rapdiograph pens…ah, good times.

So anyway, before I chose to make a mockery of my skills by attending college, I was an avid artist. I drew whenever I could to stay sharp: cartoon characters, three-point perspectives, etc. The ability to draw was always in me, handed down in genes from my Uncle Ben who was originally contacted by Walt Disney himself to be an artist for this crazy place he imagined called Disneyland. (Uncle Ben eventually refused and worked on his own.)

As proof of my artistic prowess, I offer a shot of one of the few projects I am actually proud of that always seems to make its way from the darkest depths of the garage this time of year. The image at the top of the page is something I threw together over two days back in 1996 and was based on a vintage Hallowe’en decoration my mom gave me a few years prior. (To see more from the same era and possibly set, click here. I dig old Hallowe’en decorations!)

I started out by sketching the image–I never, ever traced–onto a piece of wood then cutting it on a scroll saw. Naturally, I had to drill holes, remove and re-attach the blade to cut the openings for the eyes, mouth and nose. Once the cutting was complete, I slathered the wood with Gesso and let it dry.

From that point it was a matter of eyeballing the thing determining the dominant colors and in this case, they were black, orange and yellow (as are most Hallowe’en decorations–duh!) Once the dominant colors were painted, I went back and painted the detail colors, then used fine- and medium-point black Sharpies for the highlights. I then coated it with a protectant to that it wouldn’t be exposed to the elements and some 12 years later, it’s still holding up.

After all that I decided to drill a hole in the bottom for a stick so that it could be stuck in the ground (or potted plant) for display.

So as you can tell, I have very unconventional techniques when it comes to creating art or something like it. I guess that explains why I never truly continued to pursue my degree, but it’s always nice to see this jack o’ lantern and be reminded of when I was a little more dedicated to art. In fact, I’m considering doing something similar this year with Jack Skellington and company this year but I’m not too sure.

Stay tuned in case anything changes. And let’s go Dodgers!

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7 thoughts on “This Post Has No Title

  1. Hey, I use to paint and do calligraphy back in the 80’s. Guess I lacked enough passion for it because life took over and I’ve barely done anything in 20 years. I wanted to comment on your disneyland post but you sneakily disabled the comments on it. (I lived in Santa Ana in 1978 and 1979.) And even though I’m Mr.BlueSkies, I’m only seeing RED right now. Go Phillies!


  2. Oh yes, I did my share of calligraphy back in the day as well. India ink and steel brushes–good times!

    I guess the passion has sort of left me as well; I seem to gravitate more towards writing than anything else, and I’m barely any good at that!

    Yeah, I disabled the comments on that post for obvious reasons. I know ol’ Holographic Meatloaf isn’t exactly the most-viewed blog in the world, but I didn’t want it to turn into a teenage message board, either. I do seem to be getting traffic from this site that copied yesterday’s post. Meh, I’ll take it.

    I’ll see you and your Phils in the playoffs! Friendly wager on the game? πŸ™‚


  3. Ok Dave, I like friendly wagers. How about this one? The Phillies lose and I have to place a link to your blog at the top of my posts stating yours is the best blog on the internet. I also have to state that the Dodgers are the best ball team ever. This link/post/widget has to remain on the top of my blog for 30 days after the last game. If the Phillies lose, you have to do the same for me as well as state that the Phillies are the best ball team ever. So what do you think? If you got a better wager, I’m all ears.


  4. That sounds reasonable to me. I’d prefer that as opposed to wearing a Phillies jersey on the train to work. That might get me killed in several places not only for the team, but for potential gang affiliation!

    How about the loser adding the opposing team’s logo to their blog’s header, just to throw something else into the mix?


  5. I am not blog html saavy enough to make any changes to my header I will attempt but if I fail, I will replace the picture of me at the top of my sidebar with the team’s logo. That is IF I lose, which I won’t so it’s all moot… πŸ™‚


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