Bust A Nut

The whole Washington Mutual ad slogan got me thinking about other dumb or annoying ads from the past.

And I think I may have found the crown jewel.

Back in the 90s there was a snappy radio jingle for Corn Nuts, in my opinion one of the raunchiest snacks ever invented or consumed by mankind. I can’t stand them and probably would starve if they were the only things to eat in the house. (By the way, these things are still made but Planters no longer makes Caribbean Crunch? How fair is that?)

At any rate, the commercial invited all listeners to “bust a nut” by opening up a bag of Corn Nuts. Maybe they were trying to expand on the term “bust this out” by busting out a Corn Nut after opening a bag, but if you listen to the jingle (and read the lyrics) you’ll soon learn that the writer of the song may have had other things on his mind.

Here it is, courtesy of YouTube. Of particular interest is the when the backup singers scream “WOOOO!” after the lyrics “It might be small but it’s a big impact!”

Such a peppy little tune. It may just become my newest ringtone, provided I don’t bust a nut when I answer the phone.

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