Ridership on MTA Going Up?

As of late, it seems to me that there hasn’t been much room on my Metro trains while going to work. The Aviation Boulevard station–transfer point to the L.A. International Airport shuttle–was once the stop at which most riders would exit the train, leaving me with room to stretch and more than likely a place to sit.

But now I seem to have gained a few friends past that station to my stop, Mariposa Avenue station. And they follow me from the train and into the tapestry of tall buildings that speckle the skies of beautiful corporate El Segundo.

Could it be that in the wake of ridiculous fuel prices, Los Angelinos have finally been humbled, swallowed their pride and have begun to ride public transportation?

It wonders me.

While on the topic of work, it’s been decided by the Powers That Be that our company “is seeking offers by interested parties to purchase the company.” So yay, more corporate bullshit and uncertainty to deal with.

But that’s okay, I suppose. Those trains are getting mighty crowded…