Can You Still Love

I saw this sign standing off the dirt path beneath the MTA Green Line's Mariposa Ave. station during my daily walk. I tried to figure out what it meant or why it was even there, but I later chose not to read into its literal meaning and analyze the philosophical aspect instead: Can you still … Continue reading Can You Still Love

Company D

This is NOT the Disney Cast Member store. Nothing to see here. Move along. (Actually, it is.) UPDATED 10 pm: I forgot my glasses at work on Friday so don't expect any other posts this weekend. Eyes no function glasses well without.

Mmmm…colossal donut…

(Note: This post is the first of what may be many SimulPosts, or entries that pertain to both of my blogs. This can also be seen at 200by40). From the Phone-Cam... It's Bagel and Donut Day @ work today, and evidently they went to the Lard Lad for this sucker. It may not look big … Continue reading Mmmm…colossal donut…


Behind the Toyota Center, practice facility of the L.A. Kings. This was taken yesterday afternoon but I forgot to upload it, so here you go.

From the Phone-Cam: Me and Barbie

I was out for my walk today and decided to stop in at Mattel's Toy Store to see what they had. Besides, I had a 50% off coupon that was asking to be used. That's when I saw Princess Barbie standing near the entrance with her little entourage of helpers. She was obviously there to … Continue reading From the Phone-Cam: Me and Barbie