Can You Still Love

I saw this sign standing off the dirt path beneath the MTA Green Line’s Mariposa Ave. station during my daily walk.

I tried to figure out what it meant or why it was even there, but I later chose not to read into its literal meaning and analyze the philosophical aspect instead: Can you still love?

Company D

This is NOT the Disney Cast Member store. Nothing to see here. Move along.

(Actually, it is.)

UPDATED 10 pm: I forgot my glasses at work on Friday so don’t expect any other posts this weekend. Eyes no function glasses well without.

Mmmm…colossal donut…

(Note: This post is the first of what may be many SimulPosts, or entries that pertain to both of my blogs. This can also be seen at 200by40).

From the Phone-Cam…

It’s Bagel and Donut Day @ work today, and evidently they went to the Lard Lad for this sucker. It may not look big here, but this thing really is huge. It obscures the plate below it! And in case you’re wondering, I opted for a bagel 🙂


Behind the Toyota Center, practice facility of the L.A. Kings. This was taken yesterday afternoon but I forgot to upload it, so here you go.

From the Phone-Cam: Me and Barbie

I was out for my walk today and decided to stop in at Mattel’s Toy Store to see what they had. Besides, I had a 50% off coupon that was asking to be used.

That’s when I saw Princess Barbie standing near the entrance with her little entourage of helpers. She was obviously there to promote a new product in the Barbie lineup so I figured hell, why not?

Here you have it, folks. Me and Princess Barbie striking a pose. (Click on image for Flickr notes.) I sent the image to Ann immediately after I took it and, knowing Ann, if I ever turn up missing or found dead in an alley somewhere, this will be the one she will provide to all the local news outlets. Trust me on that.