From the Phone-Cam: Me and Barbie

I was out for my walk today and decided to stop in at Mattel’s Toy Store to see what they had. Besides, I had a 50% off coupon that was asking to be used.

That’s when I saw Princess Barbie standing near the entrance with her little entourage of helpers. She was obviously there to promote a new product in the Barbie lineup so I figured hell, why not?

Here you have it, folks. Me and Princess Barbie striking a pose. (Click on image for Flickr notes.) I sent the image to Ann immediately after I took it and, knowing Ann, if I ever turn up missing or found dead in an alley somewhere, this will be the one she will provide to all the local news outlets. Trust me on that.

2 thoughts on “From the Phone-Cam: Me and Barbie

  1. GI Joe is made by Hasbro so I think his presence would violate any contractual obligation he may have with them.

    And I hear that Ken was out getting a pedicure.


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