Busy, Busy, Busy

So in case you don’t hear from me this weekend…

Friday: Work and then off to the Orange County Fair for an evening of food, fun and more food. This is the one time of year when the Rules of Healthy Eating go out the window and I enjoy myself. How can you not with all those foods on a stick?

Saturday/Sunday: I am going camping with The Kid at a local park and will only have my phone. This will be our first camping trip so it should be interesting and a lot of fun. For a small fee, everything is provided so we won’t have to worry much about anything.

With that, I’m off to eat breakfast, make my lunch and then head to work. Make it a great weekend!

UPDATE: The Fair was pretty much a bust this year. While we got in for $5, half off the standard price, I just wasn’t into it this year. I mean, really not into it. Two reasons come to immediately come to mind:

  • My favorite food vendors weren’t there, which was a real bummer. No Egg Roll on a Stick, no Ten Pound Buns, no cream puffs–on a stick or not. Pretty depressing since this is the one time of year I let my healthy eating habits slip and allow myself to indulge.
  • This new job of mine pays half of what I used to make, which equates to half the fun. We didn’t even go do the normal free things this time around; we just wanted to leave a few hours into it. And that’s pretty sad.

All in all, it was a rather dismal trip to a place I used to enjoy very, very much.

Thanks for the layoff, Learning Tree. You’ve made my life so much better.

The Weekend and More

Well, holy crap! It’s another weekend and it’s now August. Where in the hell did the month of July go?

I have no idea so I guess it was pretty well spent around these parts.

Anyway, here’s the weekend slate. Note that I don’t give specific days because I have no idea when any of this will be happening. That’s how I roll sometimes.

But if anything takes priority, it’s going to be getting a haircut–seriously. When it starts to get thick and I need more than three goops of hair gel to tame it, then it’s definitely time. And it’s at that point right now.

Another trip to the Orange County Fair may also be in order since it’s over on Sunday! Noooo! We’ve only been once this year and it was a lot of fun, but I guess I’m kind of over it. If anything, Ann and I had planned on going sans kid since we tend to spend a lot more money with him in tow. Imagine that…!

Oh, and remember post sometime last week when I said that we had canceled our Las Vegas trip? Well, it’s officially on again. We broke down things even further and realized that we could save up enough money if we started now, and that’s what we’ve done. And c’mon, if you had the chance to stay in a joint like this for free, would you pass it up?

Didn’t think so. She’s also planning on buying show tickets well in advance: Titanic, Bodies, and a real showgirls show which she’s been dying to see since forever (and being a guy, I wouldn’t mind seeing myself).

All of which leads to this. Since we plan on spending almost a week there, we’re practically going to live on foods that are less than healthy. Therefore, I’m going to step up the weight loss program a bit and make the following proclamation: I am going to lose my remaining 12.7 lbs. and be at 200 lbs. before we go on our Vegas trip in October.

That’s months ahead of schedule but I’m going to do it–just you watch me. The last thing I want to do is be somewhere near my goal then take this trip, gain weight, and have to lose it all over again. I’d rather get to my goal first and then shed the pounds when I get back. It’ll work.

That’s all. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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That’s Me?

Some curious Web surfer searched for “big john’s beans and fixin’s” and came across ye olde blog. And I cripes, have to admit I’m quite embarrassed.

Check out this image from June 2005 (and ignore my old URL):



Ahem. I’m pleased to say that’s nowhere near I am today as is evident by this photo, even though it was taken about 5 lbs. ago:

My sincerest apologies to those who may have found the first image offensive. Meh, I’m sure the second one is too, so I’m sorry for that one as well.

And I promise an updated progress photo is coming soon. In fact, I’ll even hold up a pair of my Fat Guy Pants for comparison purposes!

This entry is a SimulPost and can also be seen at 200by40

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From the Orange County Fair!

Tony wins a goldfish!

UPDATED 8:50 p.m.: I was the first Fair customer at the Ten Pound Buns sourdough pizza place! Am I proud of this? Yes. Yes, I am.

That thing on my head is a foam cheese hat which coincides with this year’s theme of “Say Cheese!” Only those that were waiting in line for Free Hour–aka the cheapskates–got them. A few people had cheese envy as we strolled around the place.

And here we are posing with a totally big tennis racquet:

Oh, and we bought a spa. Let’s just say it was a really, really good deal. It will arrive next week and I will charge by the minute if you would like to join us. Airfare, accommodations, etc. are your responsibility 🙂

All in all it was a great day of fun and food. We’re definitely going back!

My Flickr Account and Weekend Plans

I know not many people have a look at it, but my Flickr account now has limited access until I decide to pony up the $24.95 annual fee. There’s a good chance it will be that way until next payday, which is July 25th.

It’s not like I don’t use it anymore because I do, and believe me I do love me some Flickr. I just have other things that I’d rather spend that money on until payday (read: the Orange County* Fair starts tomorrow–see you there for Free Hour!) and until then, everybody will have limited access to the account (including me).

Besides, I simply don’t want to start uploading my over 2,300 images currently stored on Flickr to some other image host. It just ain’t happening.

I’m still fighting off this sinus infection with prescribed drugs and I think I’m finally winning. It started on the Fourth of July and has been relentless: sore throat, coughing, pressure, etc. Today’s the first day I’ve felt good enough to walk for more than a mile at lunch so I take it I’ll be back to normal very soon. As far as my weight goes, I’m around 216 lbs. or so. That’s a far cry from the 297 lbs. I weighed back in 2006.

About the only post you’ll see here tomorrow will be from the Orange County* Fair, so come back then to see what kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into.

Will I eat a deep-fried Coke? Will Ann finish her cream puff? Will Anthony be chased by an angry goat in the petting zoo? Who knows for sure, so be sure to check tomorrow afternoon!

Aside from the Fair, our weekend is wide open.

See ya!

* I still refuse to refer to Orange County as “the OC.” You know why.

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