That’s Me?

Some curious Web surfer searched for “big john’s beans and fixin’s” and came across ye olde blog. And I cripes, have to admit I’m quite embarrassed.

Check out this image from June 2005 (and ignore my old URL):


Ahem. I’m pleased to say that’s nowhere near I am today as is evident by this photo, even though it was taken about 5 lbs. ago:

My sincerest apologies to those who may have found the first image offensive. Meh, I’m sure the second one is too, so I’m sorry for that one as well.

And I promise an updated progress photo is coming soon. In fact, I’ll even hold up a pair of my Fat Guy Pants for comparison purposes!

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2 thoughts on “That’s Me?

  1. There’s nothing wrong with baked beans. I LOVE baked beans. It’s such an awesome summer food! Remember, nothing is bad in moderation. 🙂 Anyway, super-congratulations on your weight loss. I went from 238 lbs. to 160 lbs. and then finally settled in at 170 lbs. about 5 years ago. I quite smoking about 7 weeks ago and ballooned to 185 lbs. I was in a panic but I was determined not to start smoking again. I’ve got it down to 180 but just can’t seem to shed those last 10 lbs. But I am determined to do it!


  2. No, you’re right. I still eat baked beans at barbecues all the time but, as you said, in moderation. Just a little dollop and I’m good! I guess just seeing me back then was sort of a shock!

    Congrats on the weight loss and your quitting smoking! (And sorry for your subsequent gain.) I started my weight loss program when I was 297 lbs. I’m now down to 212 lbs. or so. Those last few pounds are definitely going to be tough, but I’ll lose them no matter how long it takes and then go further from there.

    I’m gonna do it! The world is counting on me! Well, maybe not, but I’ll still do it 🙂


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