My Flickr Account and Weekend Plans

I know not many people have a look at it, but my Flickr account now has limited access until I decide to pony up the $24.95 annual fee. There’s a good chance it will be that way until next payday, which is July 25th.

It’s not like I don’t use it anymore because I do, and believe me I do love me some Flickr. I just have other things that I’d rather spend that money on until payday (read: the Orange County* Fair starts tomorrow–see you there for Free Hour!) and until then, everybody will have limited access to the account (including me).

Besides, I simply don’t want to start uploading my over 2,300 images currently stored on Flickr to some other image host. It just ain’t happening.

I’m still fighting off this sinus infection with prescribed drugs and I think I’m finally winning. It started on the Fourth of July and has been relentless: sore throat, coughing, pressure, etc. Today’s the first day I’ve felt good enough to walk for more than a mile at lunch so I take it I’ll be back to normal very soon. As far as my weight goes, I’m around 216 lbs. or so. That’s a far cry from the 297 lbs. I weighed back in 2006.

About the only post you’ll see here tomorrow will be from the Orange County* Fair, so come back then to see what kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into.

Will I eat a deep-fried Coke? Will Ann finish her cream puff? Will Anthony be chased by an angry goat in the petting zoo? Who knows for sure, so be sure to check tomorrow afternoon!

Aside from the Fair, our weekend is wide open.

See ya!

* I still refuse to refer to Orange County as “the OC.” You know why.

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