Purchased in November 2006, the Explorer finally hit the big 10,000 mile mark! Considering the average yearly mileage in southern California is 15,000, I’d say I’m doing alright. I guess taking the train to work does have it’s advantages.


5 thoughts on “10,000!

  1. Thanks for rubbing in the nice weather buddy boy. My parking space at work is completely filled with snow. My wiper blades are frozen stuck to the windshield. And you gotta show the thermometer readout at 80 degrees. Its -4 in Toronto right now. >P

    But 10k miles is pretty good. Keep of truckin’ or in this case, trainin’!


  2. I know this won’t melt your snow, but it was an unusually warm February day on Saturday.

    And hey, it gets way down into the 30s in the morning! Do you know what it’s like looking at the Hollywood sign in 30 degree weather on a clear day? Oh, I guess I’m bragging again, huh ๐Ÿ˜›

    Taking the train saves me nearly 50 miles* each day, round-trip. I would easily use up 4 gallons* of gas per day if I drove. So yeah, it’s nice.

    *convert to metric on your own ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. 4 gallons a day! Sheesh!

    Don’t worry about those conversions. I knew that going in. The big ‘F’ and ‘mi’ were dead giveaways.


  4. I drove to work for the first time since Halloween last Thursday and when I looked at my gas gauge at the end of the day, I soon realized what a mistake that was. Then again, I knew what I was getting into when I bought it.

    Why drive? I seriously needed a break from the joys of public transportation: smelly/rude people, crowded trains, delays, etc. It’s definitely a trade-off.


  5. I hear you. I used to take the bus to and from. I still could if I really wanted to. The poor weather never stopped me. I just like the privacy I can get in my car. And in the car, I can sing along to my iPod and I won’t disturb people.


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