Finding My Inner Dork

As you might recall, I had an idea not so long ago on how to spend my birthday money/Best Buy gift card. After much consideration I decided against the iPod Touch and took the family to the store to see what we can buy. Here’s the breakdown:

Ann: Motorola Bluetooth car unit.

Me: Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD.

Anthony: Crayola tin with music CDs and activity books, Snow Buddies DVD, yet another Thomas the Tank Engine DVD, Nintendo DS Paws & Claws game.

Total cost: Just over $150. Hey, at least we all got something and (after using my $20 Rewards certificate) we still had $37 left on the card. And what a surprise, the kid walked away with the most booty.

It then occurred to me that I still had $87 left on my Toys R Us gift card from Christmas. I had already spent $12 on some stuffed animal thing for Anthony; the rest was mine I tells ya. So what did I get?

An XBOX 360 Racing Wheel. And let me tell you, it’s worth it. So far I’ve snagged a few Achievements in Forza 2 that I would have never otherwise gotten with the standard controller. I attribute that to its paddle shifters which give you more control over the car (and the fact that shifting s-u-c-k-s with the standard XBOX controller). Not bad for only using $20 of my own money.

With this purchase, Ann has officially labeled me a game dork. Oh well.

But the spending wasn’t over! I still had the birthday money to burn. Rightfully so, I bought Burnout Paradise to go along with the racing wheel. Fun game.

And finally, with that money I had left on the Best Buy gift card, I went back yesterday and took advantage of the price drop on the XBOX 360 HD DVD add-on. Foolish? Perhaps, but for $50 I got an external PC drive, King Kong HD DVD, 5 free HD DVD movies by mail, and an XBOX remote to control Windows Media Center. And once those HD DVDs hit the bargain bin, I’ll be set!

I know I said in a previous post that I wasn’t going to enter the format war but hey, I still think that at its current price point for players and movies, the Blu-ray format will suffer the same fate as HD DVD. But I do have to admit: the clarity of King Kong on HD DVD blew me away, and that was with a component connection not HDMI.

And after all this spending, I still have $70 of my birthday money left. I think I use it on Moon Pies and penny whistles.

3 thoughts on “Finding My Inner Dork

  1. I really think that BluRay will last in the long run. It won’t gain steam as fast as DVD did, but it won’t go the way of the laserdisc. This is how I see it. A lot of people have high def televisions. They are going to want to make the most of it.


  2. @ whatigotsofar: I think the big advantage Blu-ray had was being the native format, for obvious reasons, in the PS3. And firmware updates will be a breeze considering PS3’s Ethernet capabilities. I’d like to think it will endure but people need to realize that, to make the most of everything, it won’t be cheap.

    OTOH, two of my favorite movies–Blazing Saddles and The Big Lebowski–are on HD DVD (for now, at least). I need to hit up Amazon’s sale before they disappear. Can’t wait to see “Gutterballs” in HD.

    @ Thrills Killa: Thanks. I dig your site!


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