Local Filming

While on the way to work today I noticed more of those familiar yellow signs that mean filming is taking place. These read “FF4” and while I have no idea what that could possibly could mean, I’ve compiled a list of possibilities:

  • Fear Factor
  • Foo Fighters
  • Fantastic Four
  • Final Fantasy
  • Freddy Fender (Wait, he’s dead)
  • Ford Focus/Fusion

If you’re in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area, it’s happening at the abandoned factory on the corner of Spring Wardlow and Orange where, unless I’m mistaken, some filming (or a photo shoot) for Mitsubishi also took place. I can’t blame the location hunter–it is a bitchin’ place. I’ll try and snag a shot or two on the way home.

More uselessness. If you’ve seen the Volkswagen “Sign and Drive Event” commercial, that was filmed in the parking lot of Veterans’ Stadium in Long Beach. If you look closely you can see the old “Fly DC Jets” sign in the background along with “Home of the Boeing C-17” right below it.

Another (completely unrelated) entry will be posted tonight, in which you’ll find out How I Spent My $200 Best Buy Gift Card. Hint: I still have my 5G iPod.


5 thoughts on “Local Filming

  1. Judging by the sign, I’m thinking it could be Spiderman. The upside down writing is rightside up for any webslingers hanging upside down from light posts.


  2. We are in Pedro with the same signs having just shown up near Ports o’Call. Per one of the security guards, they are filming Fast and Furious 4 and Vin Diesel is back. They’ve got the cars all lined up on 22nd street. Universal is the filming company.


  3. @ Mo:

    Thanks for the info. From my experience, the security guards are usually cool about things when you ask them. That’s how I found about The Hulk back in 2002 and CSI: Miami last year by work in El Segundo.

    Pedro, eh? Cool. I grew up in Wilmington by Banning High 🙂


  4. They’ve filmed the fast and the furious movies in my hometown of Hawthorne, CA before and I just saw the FF4 signs today. I saw the trailers, food tents but no filming i hope to catch some filming


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