Leap Day Survey for 2008

Well, seein’s today is February 29, I’ve decided to post a little quiz that everybody is free to plagiarize and post as they see fit elsewhere. In fact I will probably post it to my–blecch–MySpace page as well.

Based on the happenings in the world today, the object is to get your opinion of how you think they will have changed by the next Leap Day in 2012. For example, “Will you be driving the same car? If no, then what will you be driving?”

The questions are broken into a few different categories just for fun. And as always, there are just a few simple rules:

  • Answer “yes” or “no” not “maybe”
  • Explanations are allowed if necessary

Ready? Here we go.

Leap Day Survey for 2008

If single now, will you be married? (N/A)
If married now, will you still be? Yes
Will you weight more or less? Significantly less
Will you have (any more) kids? No
Will you have the same job? No–they will be moved to VA by 2010
If no, in which profession will you be working? Writing
Will you be driving the same car? No
If no, what will you be driving? Luxury sedan
Will you still be living in the same place? Yes

If Britney Spears is still alive, how many total children will she have? 5
What number husband will she be on? 6 (Currently on #3)
Will Lindsay Lohan make it to the next Leap Day? No
What about Abe Vigoda? Yes
Will 2Pac release another CD? Yes
Will your favorite artist (Depeche Mode for me) have won a Grammy? No
Will your current TV show still be on the air (in production, not syndication)? No

Will you own a iPod? Yes (I’ve had one for 3 years)
Will an “iPod Killer” be introduced by then? No
The DVD Format War may be over, but will the winner (Blu-ray) still be around? No
If you blog, will you still be? Yes
Microsoft: Bankrupt or not? Bankrupt
Will hybrid vehicles still be all the rage? No
Will satellite radio still matter? Yes
What major innovation will cell phones feature? Ability to shoot hi-definition video

Cost of Living
The average cost of gas per gallon will be: $4.50
The cost of a single-day, adult ticket to Disneyland will be: $109 (Currently $66)
The cheapest menu item at McDonald’s will cost: $2
The average cost of a base-model, entry-level car will be: $23k

Remember to save this quiz and your answers. Be prepared to compare your answers 1,462 days from now!