Less is More

If you recall a few posts ago, I was in the market for a new iPod and was considering the new Touch model.

And considering my 5G, 30GB iPod works just fine, common sense got the best of me and I didn’t buy it. But I still ended up buying an iPod.

Meet Figaro, my newest addition to my iPod collection (of two units). Now why in the world would I revert to something with less memory? Simple.

First, during my lunchtime walks, this is much easier to carry. It clips right onto my shirt and away I go, as opposed to lugging the 30GB model around. And should I decide to–gasp–take up jogging, this will work out fine.

Second, it also works on the train since I can shove the earphone cord in my jacket and avoid any ugly incidents.

Finally, the thing just looks damn cool. And it’s amazingly small.

My initial thoughts? While I like it and the sound is acceptable, transferring music is a slow process but probably because I’m converting all tunes to 128 kbps to conserve space. (My collection is 192 kbps and up.) I loaded it up with a bunch of upbeat tunes and hit the Play button when I’m ready to rock. Randomness is cool.

But why did I name it Figaro? Because the color scheme reminds of the Nissan Figaro, a car that was only available in the UK and Asian markets:

Granted it’s not metallic green like the iPod, but it’s close. And if I was in a money-is-no-object situation, screw your exotics. This would be the one car I’d buy. I dig it.