The Digging Continues

You may recall that back in 2000 a boxful of Oscar statues went missing.

Living in the Land of Entertainment, this story was huge on the local news. My God, what were we going to do? The Academy Awards are missing! Holy shit! This is a catastrophe!

Yeah, whatever. So while it’s almost certain that the LAPD had their boys working in shifts to recover the booty, I decided to check out eBay just for curiosity’s sake. And yep, just as I suspected, some weisenheimer took it upon himself to list case of “54 Oscar-like statues.”

The auction was soon pulled but not before I printed out the pages and scanned them. (I chose that route since it was easier than doing a screencap.) I ended up saving them to one of those fantastic ZIP disks.
At any rate, indulge yourself and check out the auction and description for these “Oscar-like statues.” It’s in two parts (and are pretty large files):

Page 1
Page 2

It’s interesting to note that the seller is in New York and that the statues were later found in a trash bin in Los Angeles. I also checked the current status of both bidder and seller. The former has not been active since `06 and has their account suspended; the latter went from over 2,300 in feedback to zero.